The word Krog originates from the Slovenian word round. Each Krog starts from a round ball of clay.


My name is Pierre Santos I am the artist /designer and creator of the Krog collection, which commenced when working on a personal project, wanting to create something child friendly for my 3 year old daughter.


Technically the first 2 Krogs I ever created were a star and a snowman for my daughter’s room by the 3rd sculpture it was more for my amusment.  It awoke an nostalgia from my inner child.  Shows like the TV series dinosaurs, aqua teen hunger force, spongebob squarepants  andcourage the cowardly dog etc which had warped yet fantastic characters in it, that would get etched into the back of your brain for there originality and weirdness.


My goal evolved from making small tactful sculptures for my daughter to setting out on a journey to make sculpture designs of my own personal interests, capturing my childhood influences as well as incorporating elements of my new found fantasy and cartoon loves from regular show to adventure time.


In 2018 I came up with my first 2 original designs ‘Graund & Ignis’. And since the Krog family has grown with new designs and products


The goal has always been simple create highly original sculptures paying homage to the weird and whimsical characters we saw on our screen as kids into a palpable art form you can have on your shelves that make your inner child freak out


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